"Repaired Once, Repaired Right"


Maintenance - Regular maintenance not only is essential to keeping your vehicle running at its highest level of performance, safety and reliability; it can also enhance your vehicle’s resale value.  The life of your vehicle is in your fluids.  Prevent unnecessary auto repair by cleaning and replacing the fluids for your engine, transmission, power steering, cooling system, brake system, drive line and more.

- Oil & Filter changes - We use Premium JD Streett Synthetic Blend Oil and Valvoline, Wix and Microgard oil, air, fuel, and cabin filters.
- Factory Scheduled Maintenance - The manufacture has a guide to let you know when maintenance is needed, this is the scheduled services part of your owner’s manual.  Some dealerships will tell you that you MUST have these services performed by them.  This is NOT true.  We can perform these services for you with the SAME BG equipment, chemicals and fluids they use.  Besides making sure your vehicle drives smoothly for years to come, following scheduled service recommendations will also keep your vehicle warranty in full coverage.  Using our BG services can actually extend your warranties up to 150,000 miles. CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS.
- Transmission System Service - Complete cleaning, flushing and conditioning of your transmission system will it operating smoothly for years to come and more importantly keep your transmission in full warranty coverage.  WATCH VIDEO.
- Cooling System Service - We use the BG Coolant Transfusion Flushing Machine.  This allows us to remove and replace 100% of the old fluid.  This machine is also designed to use a special chemical cleaner that safely removes deposits and corrosion.  WATCH VIDEO.
- Power Steering System Service - The power steering pump produces high pressure and high heat leading to fluid breakdown and failure.  Removing old fluid and residue from the power steering system will reduce wear and keep it clean and quiet.  WATCH VIDEO.
- Brake System Service - Brake fluid contamination can result in damage to your vehicle’s costly brake system.  Replacing the old fluid with BG Heavy Duty DOT 3 or DOT 4 brake fluid will result in a longer lasting, more efficient and safer brake system.  WATCH VIDEO.
- Drive Line Services - Removal and replacement of your old gear and transmission fluids will prevent wear and corrosion.  You’ll experience smoother gear shifting, quieter operation and extended component life, which will reduce major repair costs due to worn gears.  WATCH VIDEO.
- Fuel/Air Induction Services - Deposits choke fuel and air intake systems, which causes hesitation and poor gas mileage.  Cleaning your vehicle’s fuel and air intake systems with BG products will restore horsepower, increase fuel economy and reduce emissions.  WATCH VIDEO.
- Lubrication and Fuel Service - Deposits form in the oil, fuel injectors and combustion chamber over time.   Eliminate the build-up of fuel and oil deposits between oil changes by installing BG oil and fuel additives.  WATCH VIDEO.
- Diesel Injection Service - Deposits accumulate in the entire diesel fuel system, including the fuel lines, injector pump, fuel injectors and combustion chambers. This causes rough idle, vibration at idle, loss of power, decreased mileage, increased smoke and slowed throttle response.  Eliminating diesel fuel deposits will allow your engine to run smoother, stronger and cleaner.   WATCH VIDEO
- Other BG Services - We also offer other BG services for your vehicle including climate control, battery and a no-squeak guarantee for you brake pads and shoes.  WATCH VIDEO
- BG Protection Plan - Service your vehicle systems following our shop-recommended service intervals with BG Services and they will warranty that system free for 150,000 miles or 7 model years whichever comes first.  READ MORE.
- Computerized Records-Record keeping is very important.  Not having records can leave you guessing.  Some services are needed every 30,000 miles, others are every year or two  It can be difficult to identify whether or not an item looks like it’s due to be replaced or serviced.  Having records will prevent performing these services too soon or too late.

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